6 Workout Tips for Pregnant Woman

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health." -- Hippocrates
Being pregnant is truly a wonderful feeling. The knowledge that you have a life growing within you instills a happiness in you that will not easily be dampened. But there are certain aspects pregnancies that are not quite so elevating; morning sickness is one of the nastiest experiences I’ve ever had, and the backaches have completely redefined the meaning of pain in my dictionary. But I learned to overcome all the disturbing side effects of pregnancy by simply working out daily. I wish to share this knowledge with you in hope that these tips will work or you like they worked work for me.

Is it safe to work out during pregnancy?I know most of you future mothers are worried about for the health and safety of your unborn child and feel that working out may harm him/her. Let me reassure you, if you’re going through a normal pregnancy then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t workout regularly. Most physicians actually recommend that you exercise as often as you can. For the gym-rats out there, you should understand that the objective of working out during pregnancy is not the same as before it. See, before you used to work out to achieve a certain fitness goal whereas now you will be working out to simply keep fit. But be sure to consult with your gynecologist on whether there any complications with you pregnancy which may make it unsafe for you to exercise.The tips I have for you will be divided into 2 sections: Tips to consider before working out and Tips to consider while working out. Let’s get into itTips To consider before working out during pregnancyThese are things which you want to do before working out. They are remarkably simple and will really optimize the results of your exercise.Consult a trainer: There are special kinds of gym trainers that focus on helping women in all stages of pregnancy with their pursuit of a good health. These trainers will help you work on specific groups of muscles that will be most helpful during your pregnancy and prevent you from hurting yourself or the baby during your training sessions. If you can’t find such a trainer, you could look at the internet; there are numerous blogs and articles about work out programs for pregnant women. Wear comfortable clothes:
It is important to wear clothes that sit comfortably with your now hyper sensitive body. Try and wear layers of clothes that you can peel off if it gets too hot while working out. It is quite alright to wear your old tracks during your first few weeks, but as your baby bump starts growing, you need to start wearing active wear maternity clothes such as yoga pants, active tops that have been specifically designed for exercising pregnant women. Stay hydrated: You need to drink plenty of water; this is essential for everyone who’s working out and not just pregnant women. Training raises the temperature of your body, which responds by releasing sweat in an attempt to draw away some heat. If you don’t replace the water you lose by sweating, it could be very dangerous for you as well as your body. There is a method of calculating the amount of water you ought to drink in a day.Take your current weight, divide it into half and drink that amount in fluid ounces. A good way to avoid dehydration is by drinking a glass or two, an hour before you start working out and then to keep hydrating every 15 minutes while exercising. Warm up: Warm up is essential because it allows your muscles to stretch which allows them to function optimally. It also reduces the chance of injury i.e. muscle pulls. A warm up also tends to affect your endurance, allowing you to work out for longer periods of time Tips to consider while working out: These are things that you ought to be focused on while working out; this will take your whole training program a notch higher. Focus on abdominal exercises Most pregnant women tend to avoid exercises that work the muscles near their precious baby bump. This is mostly because they are afraid of harming the growing child. The thing is, that it is quite essential to work the abdominal muscles. Why? This is because your abdominals and your entire core, including your pelvic floor ought to be strengthened during pregnancy as it’ll allow you to have an easier labor and speed up the process of recovery after birth. But that’s not all; the strengthened core muscles will help you avoid posture problems and backaches that are so common during pregnancy and after it as well. Don’t push too hard: The ACOG recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. However, we all have different bodies, and different levels of endurance. The focus is to stay fit and not to lose weight. A simple test can tell you whether you’re straining yourself or not. Simply try and talk, if you can talk normally, you are fine, however if you are breathing too hard then you ought to stop and cool down. Those are the tips that helped me through my pregnancy; I hope they will help you avoid some of the more negative aspects of pregnancy.Have a happy pregnancy!